Welcome to Over the Top Home Inspections, LLC

You have found your new home and  need a home inspection.  You’re the person who appreciates the value of knowledge.  You know there are risks involved in making such a large investment. Additionally, you know that knowledge is your greatest asset for making a wise decision.

My business is assisting people just like you with the purchase of their home. How do I do that?  By delivering the information that a professional home inspector can provide. The services I offer are all designed to help you understand the property you’re considering purchasing. I perform inspections throughout Southern Ohio, including Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus and surrounding areas on existing homes, new construction, pre-manufactured homes, condominiums, townhomes, and even apartments.  I provide professional inspections for any house, large or small.

 Also, while homes whose ownership is changing hands should be checked they are not the only ones that should have a professional who is InterNACHI trained and certified to examine it.  Many, if not most, of the homes that are being lived in have safety and moisture intrusion issues that only a qualified inspector will be able to locate.  So, call or text me today and I will schedule an appointment to check your house so you and your loved ones can sleep comfortably knowing there is little chance that there are unsafe issues in your home.

Finally, have you purchased a home in the last year; maybe even a new house?  Your home needs to be inspected.  The reason is most houses are sold with a one year warranty.  We do inspections that are designed to catch any issues that should be corrected before that warranty expires.  Call or text today and ask us about the Eleventh Month Warranty Inspection.  The cost of a house check could be more than offset by any repairs that may need to be fixed.